Yoga wall – gray plastic


Yoga wall with dimensions: 228.6 cm. height, 61 cm. width and 21 mm thickness

Delivered with a steel frame structure, ready for self-assembly and installation.

The panel is made of 21 mm thick hardwood plywood, covered with gray plastic with an anti-slip structure.

The wall has two rails that do not protrude above the plywood surface.

Each vertical rail has 90 slots to which we can attach yoga training accessories such as: yoga belt, training bar, tapes with handles and others

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Lots of exercises are performed with your back, hands, or feet leaning against the yoga wall.

In exercises of this kind, a wooden training wall offers much greater comfort than other surfaces, such as plastered brick. Wood is warm and pleasant to touch. When covered with plastic veneer with anti-slip texture, it is easy to keep clean. An even surface makes it possible to feel precisely different types of asymmetries in the body and to correct them.

Railings used for mounting harnesses and other aids have notches which are so narrow that this doesn’t interfere with training in any way (it doesn’t affect the “smoothness” of the surface in any substantial way).

These railings are of the same kind as the ones used in planes for mounting seats or attaching cargo for transport. They are made from a strong aluminum alloy and are intended for sustaining high loads.

The main advantage of using such aluminum railings is the possibility of attaching yoga belt and training bars at any height every 2.5 cm (every inch – that’s the distance between consecutive slots in the railing).

– As you improve in your yoga practice, your body flexibility improves as well. As a result, you may want to adjust the height at which your harness is mounted. This training wall is designed with that in mind!

– Your significant other is quite probably of a different height than you and thus the height of the optimal harness mounting will be different as well.

The training wall together with the training bar has all the advantages of regular stall bars, offering additionally the possibility of adjusting the height of the bar, as well as a large flat surface without anything sticking out.

The assembly consists of mounting the large steel frame (an integral part of the product) with screws and wall plugs on a wall, and then of fastening the training wall on that frame.

All bolts, screws, wall plugs, and keys needed for the assembly are included in the training wall kit. For home mounting, however, a power drill and a drill bit for concrete fi 12 mm will be necessary.

Additional information

Weight37 kg

sklejka brzozowa grubości 21 mm

okleina zewnętrzna:

okleina z tworzywa sztucznego z wypukłą strukturą antypoślizgową


lakier bezbarwny o wysokiej odporności na ścieranie


rozmiar ścianki po zmontowaniu : wysokość: 228,6 cm, szerokość: 61 cm (2 elementy o wymiarach: 114,3 cm x 61 cm) (odstęp ścianki od ściany budynku po montażu: 2 cm)


wzmocniony stop aluminium

element montażowy do ściany budynku:

dwuczęściowa rama stalowa lakierowana proszkowo

do skręcenia ramy stalowej w jeden element:

dwa łączniki
śruba M8 – 8 sztuk

do montażu ramy stalowej do ściany:

wkręt M8 x 70 mm – 12 sztuk
kołek rozporowy fi 12 mm – 12 sztuk

do montażu ścianki do przykręconej już ramy stalowej:

śruba M6 – 48 sztuk
nakrętka klatkowa M6 – 48 sztuk

dodatkowe akcesoria:

wieszak ze stali nierdzewnej do przykręcenia do krawędzi ścianki plus 2 wkręty do drewna

dołączone narzędzia:

klucz imbusowy 4 mm
klucz imbusowy 6 mm
klucz nasadowy 13 mm

waga ścianki:

24 kg

waga ramy stalowej łączącej ściankę ze ścianą budynku:

12 kg


ścianka dostarczana jest w dwóch paczkach o wadze: 25 kg i 13 kg.

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