Yoga belt with two fasteners


Yoga belt for suspended (gravity) exercises, ideal for relaxing the spine.

Durable and comfortable to use with a neoprene foam insert.

With additional protection against falling out.

The belt in a set with two fasteners that allow you to attach the belt to our yoga wall.

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The yoga belt is one of our main products and essential yoga accessories. It can be used as an aiding element in many exercises (downward dog pose in a belt for example) or more importantly in all kinds of hangs with partial support from the floor, the wall or without such support.

Many “inverted” positions (positions in which the head is lower than the heart) require a substantial amount of practice and sometimes strength (handstand, headstand, candlestick).

Hanging or actually various types of hanging in the belt offers the advantages of inverted poses, simultaneously reducing the strain on the spine and even stretching the spine out

The yoga belt is a solution which is much more convenient than constructions made of tapes and blankets, and is much more versatile, easier in assembly and usage.

The yoga belt reduces or completely eliminates the strains and related discomfort during exercises and hanging, which makes it possible to extend training sessions.

The belt, supplied with a pair of stainless steel fasteners with a shackle-buckle, is for use ONLY WITH OUR yoga training wall. These fasteners have been designed for our wall.Description and specification of the fasteners can be found under the product: “Stainless steel fasteners with a shackles-buckles for a yoga wall” (you can also buy the fasteners separately)

The belt is fitted with an additional safety buckle: the Cobra quick release (from the Austrian manufacturer: AustriAplin – the creator and holder of the patent) preventing accidental slipping out while hanging upside down and at the same time enabling easy one-handed unbuckle, (even when bearing load)

Really helpful for longer hanging sessions.

The belt is suitable for washing.

Foams used for production are closed cell foams, which means that they don’t absorb water like a sponge and consequently they dry quickly.

Metal elements (loops, buckles are made from stainless steel and in the case of the Cobra buckle from stainless steel and aluminum) – are water resistant.

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
część nośna (plecy pasa)

elastyczna pianka z tworzywa EVA (pianka EVA to materiał używany we wkładkach do butów sportowych i w wielu innych sprzętach sportowych)

część miękka:

wkład z pianki neoprenowej o grubości 10 mm (pianka neoprenowa to materiał używany do produkcji kombinezonów do nurkowania)

taśmy nośne:

wykonane z włókien poliamidowych. Taśmy posiadają atest. Wytrzymałości na rozerwanie taśmy nośnej ( szer. 30 mm) to około 2500 kG (kilogram siła) Atest według normy PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2002

pokrycie zewnętrzne:

poliester – tkanina dystansowa ( tak zwana tkanina 3D) umożliwia swobodny przepływ powietrza pomiędzy pianką a osobą ćwiczącą (tkanina powszechnie używana w odzieży sportowej i plecakach turystycznych)


super mocne nici poliamidowe


długość w stanie rozłożonym na płasko: 530 cm, szerokość ( w najszerszym miejscu): 11 cm, grubość: 2 cm

długość części miękkiej pasa:

121 cm (długość wkładu neoprenowego)

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