Bar for a yoga wall


Yoga wall bar with wooden handrail and stainless steel connectors to be attached to our yoga wall.

Strong – made of thick-walled steel tubes and a 12 mm steel rod.

Convenient to use and indispensable for many exercises.

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The bar for yoga wall is an important element in many exercises. It is used as a support for both legs and arms, and as a grip in various types of hangs. In addition to the obvious exercises (shown on the photos below) in which it proves useful, it may also be used for distancing your body from the wall while hanging upside down (this is achieved via putting the harness over the bar).

Its distinguishing feature is the quick attachment at any height (every 2.54 cm – 1 inch).

The training bar hooks itself in the railing groove, thus preventing downward movement.

After attachment the bar can be pulled down and perpendicularly to the wall; after latching the safety ring also UPWARD (although not with as much force as downward).

This makes possible using the training bar in exercises where it is pushed up, as in crunches, when the bar is attached close to the floor and we put our feet under it.

The training bar is made of strong steel pipes, with stainless steel fasteners enabling the attachment of the bar to the training wall at any height, and with a steel rod, 12 mm in diameter with an oakwood-covered grip.

Additional information

Weight5 kg

rurki stalowe grubościenne o średnicy 20 mm i ściance 3 mm, wewnątrz pochwytu-pręt stalowy średnicy 12 mm.

pokrycie konstrukcji stalowej:

lakier proszkowy czarny

łączniki do ścianki:

stal nierdzewna, wewnątrz łączników – sprężyny elastomerowe- nie ulegające korozji

zabezpieczenie przed wypięciem:

pierścienie przesuwne na łącznikach – przestawiane ręcznie

materiał pochwytu:

drewno dębowe klejone

pokrycie pochwytu:

lakier bezbarwny o wysokiej odporności na ścieranie

wymiary pochwytu

średnica: 32 mm, długość: 77 cm ( szerokość drążka)

prześwit pomiędzy pochwytem a ścianką (po wpięciu drążka w ściankę):

18,9 cm

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